Choosing a bass guitar is like playing the guitar itself:  for some people, it will come quite naturally, and for others, it will require a bit of work.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t become one heck of a bass guitar player – it just means you’ll have to do your research before you upgrade your sound.

So what kind of bass guitar will suit your style?  Here are some ways to find out.

Do your research.

Well, you’re already doing your research by reading this article, so you’re already on your way.  But make sure to check out articles like these that mention specific guitars – like the Yamaha RBX374 – that can be suited for beginners.  When you do your research, it’s important to start with the end in mind.  What kind of bass guitarist would you like to be?  What kind of sound do you want to achieve?  Start with those questions and work from there.

This can feel like you’re researching backwards and not acknowledging your current financial situation, but let those details sort themselves out as you go along.

Decide:  Simple or Stylish?

Of course, “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean you sacrifice style.  The choice here is not complicated:  do you want a lot of frills with your guitar, or do you simply want something that you can play to practice?  What you answer here will often determine the kind of budget you’ll need for your bass guitar, so give this one a lot of thought.

Are you in a band?

It’s one thing if you’re deciding on a bass guitar for yourself, but if you’re in a band, you’ve got other things to consider.  You’ll need a bass guitar that suits your band.  Check out this advice for choosing a bass guitar if you’re in a band to get a better handle on it.

Remember also that the bass guitarist will often be playing closely with the drummer – at the very least, they need to come up with a sound that complements each other.  Talk to your drummer if you need some help with this.

Ultimately, the kind of bass guitar that suits your style is up to you.  Just make sure to give it a good amount of thought before you commit the money.