Acoustic Guitars

There’s something really pure about the sound of an acoustic guitar, understanding that the only thing between the musician’s mind and your ears are the hands striking the strings.

If you’re a bit of a purist who’s looking to create a great, intimate live sound with an acoustic guitar, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlike many electronic instruments, the range of sound with acoustic guitars will be relatively limited.

Yes, some acoustic guitars will have superior craftsmanship compared to others, but there is a physical limit on the potential of the acoustic guitar to create sounds.  Once you accept this, you’re ready to find what you’re looking for.

And what are you looking for?  A great live sound.  To produce this, it helps to know how to record acoustic guitars, if only to know how the acoustics best feed into microphones.


Check the Brand’s Reputation

Musical instruments come with from a relatively small variety of brands, and if you want to learn about the best acoustic guitars, it helps to know the best brands.  You’ll hear names like Gibson, Fender, and Martin, so make sure to do your research and really examine the reputation of these brands as it relates to acoustic guitar production.

It’s important not to get lost in other peoples’ opinions and buy the guitar that sounds like the best.  Remember, it’s also important to keep your own goals and specifications in mind.


Sample live guitars before you buy them

Even if you’re ordering a guitar online, be sure to go to a local music shop and try similar guitars to see if they’re up your alley.  Be sure not to place a lot of stock in these “live auditions” if the guitar isn’t similar to the one you’re purchasing.  Try to find the make and model of your guitar and test it out before buying in person or online.  It can also help to see if any musician you know has a guitar like that for you to try out.

Key things to remember?  Acoustic guitars are different, and you’ll find a lot of variety, but what’s important is how the sound works for you.  So keep your goals for your acoustic guitar in mind and work from there.