In this post, we’re going to take an in-depth look at some of the best Ibanez acoustic guitars available on the market today!

So without further ado let’s have a look at my personal favourites…

The AEG21E/R Acoustic Guitar from 2008 features everything you need to learn or play right out of the box with its solid Cedar Top & Mahogany Back & Sides (the same woods that much more expensive guitars are made of) and its Rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets.

It is a fantastic guitar for beginners or anyone who just wants to pick up an acoustic quick!

The AEG21E/R has also got that classic Ibanez slim neck which will be great for those of you who are looking for more precision when playing chords, but it’s not too thin where it becomes difficult to play single notes on the higher strings as some other guitars do. This model comes in at under $200 so makes a perfect first Acoustic Guitar!

There are plenty of options available depending on what your budget and needs may be – whether you’re looking for something entry-level or if you want to upgrade from a cheaper beginner kit (like the AEG21E/R).

Ibanez offers several different models with all sorts of features, including the ever-popular Ibanez RG. The RG has been around for over 30 years and is still going strong today!

The newer models are made from mahogany so they sound fantastic when plugged into an amp (you can get acoustic-electric guitars too which mix them) and also come equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups that give you more control over your tone than other brands – it’s perfect for those who want their guitar to match how they play or if you’re looking for something more versatile. If you have the budget, these will certainly be worth considering as there are many options available depending on your playing style. It was hard choosing just one model, but I eventually settled on the Ibanez GRGM21 Mikro in Acoustic Natural a great starter guitar and one that will be perfect for someone who has small hands and wants to start on something not too expensive but still with a high-quality build.

If you’re looking for something more robust, then the Ibanez RGR321FM Electric Guitar might be your best option – it’s equipped with an HSS pickup configuration (this means there are two pickups at the neck and bridge positions) which gives you plenty of scope when it comes to finding your tone. It also features superb hardware, including locking tuners so tuning is easy!

For those who want their guitar to match how they play or if you’re looking for something more versatile, these guitars from Ibanez will certainly be worth considering as there are many options for you to choose from.

The Ibanez acoustic guitar is also a great choice for those who want to start playing and are looking for something affordable – the GSR200 model will give you everything you need, including built-in electronics so that you can plug in without any hassle! It’s worth noting that this particular instrument has an asymmetrical neck profile which makes it more comfortable if you have smaller hands.

If your budget allows then there are some really nice sounding acoustics available as well such as the JG14SMF Acoustic Guitar with its solid spruce top and select mahogany back & sides, or maybe one of their Tanglewood series would suit your needs?

Check out the range of Ibanez Acoustic Guitars available, as shown below.