How to Learn to be a True Guitarist

How to Learn to be a True Guitarist

How to Learn to be a True Guitarist

We all know how iconic the guitar has become – in the later half of the 20th Century, it became the essential instrument that every musician needed to know how to play. Well, except for drummers. If you didn’t play guitar, then you’d better be singing, or playing the drums, because otherwise you’d just look like you were out of the loop. The guitar band has replaced the string quartet and is now how we essentially view how a band “should” look.

So, yes, in other words, if you’re a musician, you’re going to want to learn guitar. And if you really want to be a serious guitarist, you won’t be able to get by on the same old C-D-G chords that you’ve been playing this whole time. It’s time to step your game up and really learn how the guitar can be manipulated in order to play all sorts of sounds you might not have considered before. In other words, it’s time to learn to be a true guitarist.

Beyond Notes and Chords

Moving to the next sphere of guitar artistry means seriously upping your knowledge of the guitar – but not only the guitar: you’ll want to learn about music itself. It’s time to learn about the pentatonic scale and what exactly a “guitar lick” means. If you’re lucky, you can find a good source that can explain many of these concepts to you in a way that will make sense as you learn more and more. It just so happens that you are lucky, because we’ve got an interesting site for you: At that site, you’ll be able to go from the basics – to mastering the different types of harmonic scales – to the complicated, where you model your guitar playing after some of the great guitar solos of all time. In other words, you’ll essentially be abandoning the old way you were playing guitar before.

That’s what you need to do if you really want to do well – challenge yourself. But having a good source to learn the material is not all it takes. If it was, then everyone could simply learning guitar by entering in a Google search. It will take more to become a true guitarist: it will take a good attitude from you.


When you practice, do you have to have the most ideal musical instrument possible? No; you can simply use an Acoustic Guitar to practice. It’s not exactly the same as an electric guitar, but if it’s all you have, that should suffice.

With the right equipment lined up, all you need now is a knowledge of how to practice effectively. We recommend that you take a “take my time” approach. You’ll want to learn each little piece of information at a time and really get familiar with it before you move on. You’ll find that this approach can actually speed up your progress: when you try to tackle too much, you might just get frustrated and quit. But when you can learn a piece of guitar knowledge and apply it on your own, you’ll find that that reward will motivate you to the next one, and the next one.

We’re all about musical instruments on this site, but if you want to actually put those musical instruments to use, you don’t always have to have the fanciest or most expensive one available. Instead, worry more about your real instrument for playing music: your brain. You want to really grow your own skills. The better you are, the better any instrument you grab will sound. Besides, when it’s time to upgrade instruments, you’ll actually feel ready.

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