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Polytone Music: the Best Type of Jazz for Musicians

Tommy Gumina started the Polytone Amplifier Company in 1968, after a very rewarding career as a jazz artist. Afterall, he has already mastered the art of designing and creating amps for almost 2 decades.

His company has commissioned several music enthusiasts to build musical gear fit for equally discriminating musicians.

In the line of his renowned amps are the 102 Combo, Brute S15L 115 Combo, Custom 101 Combo, Fusion 112 Combo, George Benson Mini-Bruite V, Maxi Brute, Mega Brain, Mega and Mini Brute series, and Taurus series. These models have been used by artists such as Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, and Steve Vai.

The Polytone company is also the proud manufacturer of the world’s first Jazz Amp, the Model 102 Combo. This particular product has been used by greats such as George Benson and John Scofield.

One of his latest creations is the Maxi Brute, which he considers to be his best work yet. It is a two-channel, all-tube amplifier that can go from clean to mean in an instant. With this amp, Tommy Gumina has once again shown that he is indeed the king of jazz amps.

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