People from the music industry converged in the 1958 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show, and saw the launching of then brand spanking new Fender Jazzmaster.

The Jazzmaster is one of the electric guitar series created by the premier guitar manufacturer, no less than the Fender.

After so many decades, Fender’s Jazzmaster line is still going strong. Apart from the original targeted users which are the jazz and blues guitarists, the Jazzmaster is also being used by indie rock and surf rock guitarists up to this day.

The Jazzmaster sports a contoured offset-waist body to give more comfort to guitarists who prefer to sit while performing. Valuable features include lead and rhythm circuit switching with independent volume and tone controls, and a floating tremolo with tremolo lock, extra long tremolo arm, white “soapbar” pickups.

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