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If you’re a musician, then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of keytars. Keytars first started appearing in the 1980s when Roland began marketing Keyboards with keys that resembled guitar necks, so people could use them like guitars for playing chord progressions on stage. Keytars gained popularity after they hit mainstream media through YouTube videos featuring Keytar Hero, where players were required to play songs using their keyboards as instruments rather than inputing notes into digital programs. Thanks to the new wave kind of music in the 1980’s, the keytar then became a really popular instrument.

The keytar had its share of downtime during the 90’s and early 2000s, when it was deemed to be really out of fashion. The fame of synthpop music is responsible for bringing back the popularity of the Keytar.

A keytar is a relatively light keyboard or synthesizer. It comes with a strap and it’s worn around the neck and shoulders, just like how a typical guitar is worn by a musician. The keytar gives more freedom for musicians when it comes to movement as compared to a conventional keyboard on stands.

Keytars typically have keyboards on the left side of the instrument which players use to input notes, and a Keytar neck with guitar shaped keys on the right. They are usually made of plastic or metal with a large speaker in between the Keytar body and Keytar neck.

Keytars can range in price depending on how advanced they are and what features they have built-in, such as programmable buttons for certain songs or presets that let you switch between sounds without manually putting in notes every time you want to change it up.

Keytars can be used by musicians who do not play Keyboards since their necks have all the strings mapped out for easy access, but playing Keytars requires skill as Keytars have to be played differently than Keyboards since Keytar strings are activated by key inputs rather than a touch-sensitive keyboard. Keytars can be used for gigs or live performances where Keyboards might not produce enough sound on their own, but Keytars will just as easily overpower Keyboards as Keytars have more power in their speakers than Keyboards due to the larger space the speaker has to work with.

Keytar Brands

But which brand is best? That depends on who you ask! We’ll go over what people have to say about three different brands: Roland, Yamaha, and Casio.

Some people think that Roland is the best because they have a ton of features and are very durable. The most popular brand with tons of features but may be expensive.

Yamaha keytars, on the other hand, are well-known for being affordable and having great quality.

Casio has some unique qualities like an LCD screen that show you what notes to play as opposed to just showing text. The keytar is designed so that the player’s left arm rests in a natural position and can easily reach and play all of the keys one-handed.

What is a modulation bar? A control pad that changes volume or tone in music by moving up or down to affect pitch. It’s like an organ pedalboard without levers below the keys. (source) Do I need one? Depends on your set-up and personal preference; if you are using software such as Logic Pro or Reason, a keytar is essential.

The Roland keytar is available on Amazon:

Alesis Vortex 

Yamaha Sonogenic SHS-500

Roland keytar

A recent 5 star review of the Roland Keytar from an Amazon customer “Presets are indisputable, but you can increase the quality depending on your edit.
Since most of the initial settings for lead sounds are monophonic, setting them to polyphonic one by one took a lot of effort. It is convenient to work with mac as bluetooth midi keyboard. It is also attractive to be able to play in completely wireless using the guitar wireless system. You can download the lead sound of the previous Ax-synth on Roland’s axial site. If the sound of axial is further expanded, I think it is a very valuable instrument. Since the keytar is fast production, this product will be sold out anyway. It is better to buy it while you can buy it.”

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