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Looking for that Rare Guitar, Pedal, Or Synth? Or perhaps you’re an Australian Musician looking for some guidance, product reviews, or some playing tips. We bring you a wide range of  Musical Instruments all currently for sale online.

Musical Gear Australia offers up a plethora of Musical instruments that are often below retail prices. From Vintage Guitars to The Latest Keyboards, DJ Turntables to Computer Recording, & Percussion to Pro Audio, we have it all covered.

We are Musicians, and we love to share our knowledge. If you’re just thinking about picking up a guitar, or you’re looking to buy the latest synth, our aim is to inform and educate you on what to look for, what we recommend, and how much you should be paying.

No matter what kind of Musical Instrument you’re into – Be it Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, DJ Gear or Pro Audio, you’ll find a broad selection of Models, Brands & Prices to suit you.

With popular brand names like Fender, Yamaha, Peavey, Roland, Marshall, Rode, Technics, & M-Audio, we’ll show you the best range at the cheapest price – so you can get on with being creative and making music.

You will find all the computer & pro audio equipment needed to setup your own home studio. Put on a rave with a wide range of DJ Gear. Download some guitar tab and learn the acoustic guitar. Upgrade your Guitar Amp to the latest, beefiest model.

Our site displays Musical Instruments within each category, making it easy for you to find the exact piece of Musical Gear you’re looking for.

You can browse our site by category – for example: guitar pedals, pianos, drum kits, etc… or you can find exactly which instrument you’re after with our specialized search function in the right sidebar above.

We Utilize unique technology that searches eBay the moment you view any page, showing you the very best prices around the globe.

We have found from personal experience that eBay is a great place to find Musical Gear. Not only do you get a wide variety of equipment, but the prices are often much cheaper then you would normally pay. Plus, you’re covered by the Paypal Guarantee, giving you security and peace of mind.

We hope you enjoy your experience here and you find the gear you’re after for the best price. Good luck with your Musical Endeavors!

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