Do You Need the Pearl Export EX 5-Piece Drum Set? A Review

Do You Need the Pearl Export EX Five-Piece Drum Set? A Review

There’s nothing that really quite creates the delicious smack, boom, and twang of a great drum set, but finding that great drum set is another story.  In this review, we’re going to be looking at the Pearl Export EX Five-Piece drum set, a set with a reasonable price (not far over $1,300) and solid wood construction.  (Quick note:  check out one long-time user’s review at DrumSetConnect to see their experience with the set.

Pros:  What Makes this Set Stand Out?

There’s no doubt that the Pearl Export EX Five-Piece is a good-looking drum set.  Available in colors like wine red, the set is constructed with a good amount of precision and works well for accessibility.  You won’t feel self-conscious sitting behind a drum set like this; in fact, you’ll probably feel pretty dang rad, for lack of a better term.

Of course, a drum set isn’t there for looking pretty; it’s there to produce a killer sound.  The vivid, aggressive sound of the Pearl Export EX Five-Piece set is thanks to some solid wood construction and craftsmanship on the individual drums.  Pearl is also intense about the individual sounds of each drum.  This particular drum set should also sound excellent right after you purchase it.

For the price of around $1,300, this drum set is also a reasonable investment and won’t require a whole lot of saving if you really want to acquire it.

Cons:  What’s the bad news?

There’s not a lot of bad news to give you.  If this drum set were more steeply priced, it might start to get unreasonable, but if you’re looking for a “value” drum set, this is one you might want to consider.

For a more advanced drummer who might need a kit capable of producing a high variety of sound, this set might not be the right one for you.  It can work great for beginners who want a solid first drum set with quality sound, but if you’re a more advanced player and plan on doing a lot with your drums in terms of sound, you might find this set a little limited.  The good news is that just about any five-piece set of this sort would be similarly limited.

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