5 Essential Online Tools To Help You Promote Your Music

A boom in digital distribution and marketing in the past ten years has multiplied options for promoting music. However, while there are many different sites and tools that can help you to get your music to audiences, the sheer saturation of these tools can make it hard to pick the right ones.

Given the competition for attention that the Internet creates, as well as the often short attention spans of social network users, it is more important than ever to be able to effectively promote yourself and understand an audience. In this way, it is worth considering some of the following tools as a way into better marketing yourself and your music to the right listeners. From making the most of Facebook to exploiting metrics, some of the best tools include:

1 – Facebook

An obvious choice in some ways, but one that if used correctly, can build lasting value with audiences. Having a Facebook band or soloist page means that you can build a significant community of fans, while allowing for continued linking to Twitter and other accounts. Some of the best ways to use Facebook, however, involve optimising pages to make sure that users keep on coming back. Keeping keywords on a page simple will make it easier for Google searches to find the page. Tabs on a Facebook page can similarly be used to link into landing pages that include downloadable tracks and other promotions.

2 – Last.fm

Along with Spotify, Last.fm is one of the best ways to stream your music and to create a strong profile. One of the key benefits of Last.fm is the ability to create an easily used interface for fans and new listeners, with the site arguably offering better functionality than MySpace. Some other advantages include being able to create interactive gig listings, while Last.fm as a whole can be downloaded as an app.

3 – Metrics

Being able to accurately understand which and how many users are accessing your personal page and downloading your music is essential. This information can be used to build marketing plans, and to better target certain segments of your audience. Some of the best metrics sites for breaking down data and compiling patterns of use include Band Metrics and RockDex.

4 – Unbounce

Landing page builders like Unbounce are becoming increasingly valuable to online music promotion. The site allows you to quickly create a landing page from templates, which means that links can be made for specific promotions. A single page can handle traffic and focus a promotion beyond a single social networking page, and is ideal for short term marketing. These pages also provide real time usage stats, and make the most of What You See Is What You Get site editors, which benefit non tech minded users.

5 – Woobox

Another example of page landing, Woobox is notable for creating links from Facebook into single pages that include promotions. Effectively enabling you to spin off a Facebook or other major social media network hub into a smaller site, Woobox is an ideal way for drawing fans and new users into competitions, sweepstakes, and short term deals.