Epiphone PR5-E


With one of the most recognizable and distinctive guitar shapes around, Epiphone’s PR5-e Acoustic/Electric Guitar is still considered one of the most popular, versatile guitars available on the market.

Being able to play an acoustic that plugs in and adapts so well to the electric style is a rarity.

But what exactly makes this classic yet unique guitar such a memorable instrument?  Let’s take a look at some of the features to find out.

The “Florentine” or Sharp Cutaway

While many acoustic guitars have a double-cutaway, which makes the guitar look like a collection of wooden bubbles, the sharp bottom cutaway of the Epiphone guitar changes how the entire instrument is used.

First, it changes the sound:  less space in the guitar means a different resonance.  Second, it gives the player easier access to the higher notes on the fret, allowing for more involved electric solos.

What’s more, the shape still retains the classic acoustic guitar look, meaning that nothing is taken away.

The result is an acoustic/electric hybrid that actually plays like an acoustic/electric hybrid, not an acoustic guitar that simply plugs in.


Advanced Electric Controls

Epiphone advertises a “state of the art” pre-amp that allows you a great amount of control when switching to electric mode:  master volume, bass, terble, EQ shape, and a Phase switch give you a wide range of options when you’re performing live.

While playing on what looks like an acoustic guitar, you actually get the feel of an electric guitar thanks to the advanced electronic features and similar cutaway shape.


Owning the Acoustic/Electric Guitar

For many guitar players, there’s nothing quite like owning a guitar that manufactures a great acoustic sound but still retains the ability to plug in and rock out.  This is especially great for newcomers to the guitar who want the ability to play both styles; not only do  you get the classic sound of an acoustic, you get the power of an electric.

Is it the guitar for you?  That will be up to the consumer to determine, but if you’re serious about owning a guitar, the Epiphone PR5-E represents a serious option.