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By Dan K. | July 31st, 2009

The Access Virus TI2 Desktop Integrated Modeling Synthesizer

If the Access Virus TI2 Desktop Integrated Modeling Synthesizer sounds like a mouthful, you may want to change your perspective:  it’s actually a handful.  With dozens of enhanced features and effects like tape delay, you’re looking at a hands-on synthesizer that lets you dig deep into your inner studio producer and come up with some unique sounds.  But how do you know that this is the synthesizer for you?  Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Examining the Features

The Virus TI2 Desktop synthesizer allows you a deep range of variabilities when working with sounds:  stereo manipulation, frequency shifters, and distortions give you a nearly infinite variety of sounds to work with, even when you’re simply adjust the pre-set tones.  You’ll also notice the advanced tape delay feature that allows you to synchronize your songs with the tempo of the beat.  Interacting with the tape delay is also a snap, as you can quickly modify and adjust the tape delay to coordinate with recordings and live sounds, helping you to use the synthesizer in performance as well as production.  Needless to say, you’re looking at a lot of versatile features.

Your Synthesizer Priorities

What will help determine whether or not this is the right synthesizer for you are your priorities.  What comes first for you?  Is money no object (incidentally, the price of the Virus TI2 Desktop runs at some $2,000)?  Are you going for a high quantity of sound effects and modulations?  Are you looking for an upgrade over an already-celebrated series of synthesizers, as the original TI series was?

Understanding these questions will play an important role in choosing the synthesizer that’s right for you.  If you’re looking for a high-end, studio-quality synthesizer that allows for a high degree of flexibility with sound effects and modulations, then the Virus TI2 Desktop synthesizer might be the right one for you.  Users of the series will recognize that the interaction has been updated and that the front panel is updated – make sure to keep note of that if you’re expecting a repeat of the past.

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