Buying Vintage Guitars

Vintage acoustic guitars are a sought after commodity amongst musical enthusiasts.

As time passes, the wood which makes up the main bulk of the guitar matures and causes the guitar itself to produce more ‘mature’ and resonant tones.

The three most common woods used to hand-make guitars are mahogany (matures at between 25-30 years of age), maple (matures anywhere between 25-50 years) and rosewood (no longer used due to conservation efforts, making these guitars very desirable and expensive).

If you are one of the enthusiasts mentioned above, and you intend to make a purchase using eBay, there are some things you should look out for:


If the guitar you’re viewing has been repaired or refinished in its lifetime, the price should be reduced accordingly. Instruments in their original condition are far more valuable. To check this, only consider guitars listed with a repair history and close up, high resolution photographs that show any marks. Also check the neck of the guitar, which may become bowed and require re-setting.

Also, ensure your seller has some eBay history. If there are negative feedback marks against the seller’s name, enquire about the reason for this and only consider trusting them with your cash if they can provide a plausible explanation.

Finally, do your own research. Look into the history of manufacturers you’re not familiar with and also check what special care your guitar may need. Remember that older wood will require TLC from time-to-time and once you’ve paid for the delivery, and repairs will have to be made using your earnings.


Video Courtesy Of Expert Village