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Rode M3

Rode is a reputable manufacturer of electronics in Australia for almost 5 decades now. In the late 1990’s, their popularity surged by miles when they started their line of microphones.

The M3 is one of the first-rate releases in their line of microphones. Because of its quality and affordability, it’s hard to see any professional studio without a Rode M3 microphone.

The Rode M3 is a multi-purpose electret cardioid microphone. It is applicable for general purposes, be it for vocals or for musical instruments. It also comes with windshield and a stand mount. The M3 can also be powered by a 9V battery.

RODE Boompole For NTG 1 NTG 2 NTG 3 NT4 NT5 NT55 M3

US $149.00

Rode M3 Cardioid Condenser Mic Microphone w Pad

US $108.00

RODE M3 Small Diaphragm Studio Condenser Mic

US $149.00

RODE M3 Multi Powered Cardioid Condenser Microphone

US $149.00

Rode M3 Dual Power Condenser Microphone

US $199.00

Rode M3 Condenser Mic Studio Location Multi Power

US $199.00

RODE M3 Microphone ULTRA Bundle w Sony MDR7506 Cable

US $248.88

Rode M3 Condenser Microphone M 3 108405

US $148.71

Rode M3 Condenser Microphone M 3 108406

US $152.96

Rode M3 Condenser Mic MXL MicMate XLR USB w Cables

US $259.00

Rode M3 Multi Powered Condenser Microphone

US $127.00

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