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Maton Acoustic Guitar

Best Prices On Maton Acoustic. Displayed below are the current prices for sale online.

Maton, a Australian Guitar Maker, manufacture some classic, beautiful sounding Acoustic Guitars.  Based in Melbourne, they come highly recommended by guitarists the world around for their gorgeous Queensland woods, bright and melodic sounds and professional build quality.

Maton Acoustic Guitars fetch a tidy sum on eBay, but they’re worth every cent. Often, you can pick up a Maton for around 2/3’s the retail price, in near new condition. They hold their value well, but you’ll be less inclined to sell it once you’ve played one. Check out some of the Maton’s available below:

Maton WA May Custom Acoustic Electric

US $4,391.10

Maton TE2 Tommy Emmanuel Signature Acoustic Electric

US $2,637.26

Maton EST65C Stage Series Acoustic Electric

US $1,758.16

Maton EMGA Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric Jumbo

US $1,933.98

Maton ECW80C Acoustic Electric

US $2,285.62

Maton EM325C Acoustic Electric Guitar Brand New

US $1,405.68

Maton EM225C Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar New

US $1,120.85


US $800.00

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