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By Dan K. | November 6th, 2009

Korg D3200

The Korg 3200 flaunts the remarkable 32-track playback feature assigned to 16 hardware faders. Impressive as it is, but it doesn’t stop there. The Korg 3200 also has a 44-channel, 12-buss mixer, a highly regarded set of digital editing tools, dominant multi-effects processing, a programmable drum machine, and MIDI control/synchronisation.

The Korg 3200 has a row of XLR sockets which allows as many as eight microphones to be connected at once. Also, enjoy the individual phantom switching which happens to be uncommon on multitrackers in this price range.

The digital connections can be found at the back panel of this equipment. Enjoy the a pair of optical S/PDIF sockets and a USB connector, MIDI In and Out sockets, and two footpedal inputs

Korg D3200 Digital 32 Track Recording Studio

US $1,000.00

Registratore multitraccia Korg D3200

US $1,461.34

Korg D3200 40 Gig Digital Multitrack Recorder Cd Burner

US $749.99

Korg D3200 USB HD Digital Recorder | D 3200 | NEU

US $1,581.01

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