5 Killer Guitar Tab Sites

5 Killer Guitar Tab Sites


Guitar Tab Sites


Given how easy it is to use the Internet these days, it won’t take you long to figure out how to play a song you’ve just heard on your guitar.

But going from YouTube to You playing the song isn’t always a smooth ride, especially if you’re looking for a really obscure guitar tab guide.

Finding a guitar tab isn’t always about simply filling in a Google search – it also pays to know some of the best sites to check first.  When you’ve got the hang of it, you should be able to find the guitar tab for virtually any song out there.  Here are some guitar tab sites to get you started.

1.  UltimateGuitar

UltimateGuitar allows for a simple search – by band name or by song name – and with plenty of songs in their archives, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you were looking for.  Since guitar tab sites can feature a lot of pop-ups and ads, it’s nice to see a clean site that simply gives you the goods.

2.  Chordie.com

Chordie is perhaps the cleanest, easiest guitar tab site to use, and the library of songs seems to be up to par.  There’s also a neat little feature with the search bar that allows you to click directly to a song you’re typing in.  After you run a guitar tab search, you’ll see the different results, as well as the difficulty rating for each guitar tab.  Not too tabby – er, shabby.

3.  911Tabs.com

911Tabs isn’t limited to guitar tabs – you’ll also find piano tabs, bass tabs, and even drum tabs.  Here you’ll also find a search bar, not to mention an alphabet index of the bands in their archives.  911Tabs also lets you know how many tabs they have for a band or a song upfront, so you don’t waste your time by doing too much searching.

4.   GuitarTabs.cc

Featuring a search-by-guitar-or-bass feature, GuitarTabs.cc isn’t a bad option.  There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, so don’t expect to have your work done for you, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble discovering whether or not the song you’re searching for is there or not.

5.   TabCrawler.com

TabCrawler isn’t quite the experience some of the above tab indexes are, but you can still find the songs you’re looking for with the search bar on top.  Watch out for pop-ups!