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Gibson SG Guitars

Epiphone SGGibson has been a top guitar brand for several decades.  Now they have a huge selection of their famous SG line which includes releases of SG Standard, SG Special, SG Raw Power, SG Carved Top, Robot SG Special, Epiphone SG, Robby Krieger SG, Prophecy SG, SG Zoot Suit, and many premier guitar models.

Unlike other brands, Gibson takes time in producing a guitar that looks good on the outside to equal its sound quality. Gibson hires professional craftsmen to manually and carefully apply coats of paint and lacquer, and nitrocellulose finish to ensure the natural vibration for a purer tone. Every mahogany deserves utmost craftsmanship.

With the Gibson SG line, you are sure of the sound quality. Plus, expect the physical look to get better as the years pass.

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