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Drum Mic Kit

Whether for live recording or studio recordings, drum mics will prove to be beneficial for the overall sound quality. Some drum mic kits require a big amount of cash, while some don’t, Depending on the brand, model, and quality, you will find the drum mic kit that will suit your needs.

Some of the dominant brands for drum mic kits are Shure, Electro Voice, Samson, AKG, Apex, Audix, and many more. Each of them offers a selection of  kits which are surely durable and worthy to be part of any recording endeavor.

DELUXE Audix DP7 7 Piece Drum Package Kick Snare Mic

US $899.00

Audix Fusion 7 7 piece Drum Mic Package

US $237.50

New Audix D6 Kick Mic Cardioid Drum FREE 20 CABLE

US $199.00

Samson 5KIT 5 Piece Drum Microphone System 5 KIT Mic

US $179.00

Audix DP5 A 5 Piece Drum Mic Kit Pack Dp Series NEW

US $499.95

AKG D112 D 112 Kick Drum Bass Instrument Mic w XLR

US $188.00

Audix Fusion 4 Fusion4 Drum Mic Kit Package STAND

US $199.00

NEW CAD DMTP7 7 piece Drum Mic Touring Pack DMTP 7

US $127.49

NEW CAD Pro 4 Drum Microphone Pack w case mic cable

US $101.89

Samson 7KIT 7 Piece Drum Microphone System 7 KIT Mic

US $249.00

NEW AKG D112 Kick Bass Drum Microphone mic D 112

US $189.00


US $139.95

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