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Native Instruments Traktor S8

Native Instruments have brought out their latest DJ Controller, the Traktor Kontrol S8.
Their new…

DJ Lights & Lasers

DJ Laser & Light technology has come a long way, and you can pick…

PA System

If you’re playing gigs, you’ll need a decent PA system to get yourself heard.

DJ CD Player

DJ CD Players have changed the way music is produced at any live music venue…

DJ Headphones

DJ Headphones

Get your set happening with a set of Professional DJ Headphones.
Otherwise known as ‘cans’,…

Smoke Machines

No rave or party could be complete without a smoke machine.
Add depth and visual…

DJ Turntables

DJ Turntables

You can’t beat Vinyl on a set of DJ Turntables.
Names like Technics, Stanton, Pioneer…

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