Guitar PedalsBe it a distortion, chorus or wah pedal, you're going to find yourself needing more and more guitar effect pedals as your musical repertoire increases.

Most adapt guitarists have a 'Pedal Board', which sits on a variety of assorted effect pedals, all chained together.

Every musician is different, and the sheer variety of effects pedals available allows for a incredible amount of creativity with any bass, electric or acoustic guitarist.

Well known brands we have listed include Boss, Digitech, Korg, & Zoom. Both new & used pedals are available, from vintage analogue's to modern digital multi-effects.

Have a browse around at a range of guitar pedals below and find yourself exactly what you're looking for.

Z Vex Inventobox Loaded Effects Pedal Kit ZVEX


Electro Harmonix Ring Thing Guitar Effects Pedal EHX Single Sideband Modulator


Pigtronix Disnortion OFO Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal New Free Shipping


Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer Analog Microsynth Guitar Effects Pedal


MXR FET Driver M264 OD Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal M 264 Distortion Box


Dunlop FFM2 Germanium Fuzz Face Mini Guitar Effects Pedal Distortion Fuzzface


Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal SSR PCB Version


MXR Stereo Chorus M134 Analog Guitar Effects Pedal M 134 Free Shipping


MXR Phase 100 Guitar Effects Pedal M107 Wider Broader 90 Phaser M 107 Free Ship


Pedaltrain 3 Soft Case Pedal Board PT 3 SC Pedal Train Two Velcro Brackets PT3


Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal Free Patch Cables


Pedaltrain Jr Hard Case Pedal Board PT JR HC Pedal Train Junior Velcro Brackets


Earthquaker Devices Dirt Transmitter Fuzz Overdrive OD Guitar Effects Pedal


Lehle Julian Preamp Booster Guitar Instrument Pedal Boutique Adv Sunday Driver


Electro Harmonix Freeze Guitar Effects Pedal Sound Retainer Infinite Sustain


Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah Guitar Effects Pedal Envelope Filter VCF PCB


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