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Selling Your Musical Instruments – Is It Time?


Selling Musical Instruments


That old, withered drum set has been sitting in your garage for years now, and you're not even sure if it will sound fresh when someone takes the time to play it.

So you give it a little test and, sure enough, it still works!  Sounds like it's time to sell your used music gear to the highest bidder.

But what if your music gear hasn't been collecting dust for years?  How do you know when it's time to sell it?  You can start by considering some of the following key points:

Do you still use your instrument or piece of equipment?

This seems like an obvious question, but it's one you'll have to ask yourself.  Do you still use the musical instrument on a regular basis?  If you do, then it definitely still has value to you, and you don't need to sell it.

If, however, you find that a new instrument or piece of equipment has replaced an old one, it might be a good idea to sell!  Yes, even if you still use that equipment every once in a while.

Is your instrument or equipment in selling condition?

Sure, you want to clear your studio space, but just because you want to sell something doesn't mean there's someone out there who wants to buy.  At least at your price.  Before you go to Cash Converters or a musical pawn shop, take a look at your used equipment and ask yourself if you would buy it used.

If not, then you'll want to clean and/or repair it.  If it's beyond repair and you really need to clear some space, consider simply giving it away to someone who finds it interesting.

How much money can you get for it, and why?

There are some instances when you might consider selling musical gear that you still use.

For instance, if you're struggling financially and can't make rent this month, you may have to get rid of that gear in exchange for some quick cash.  If this is the case, you'll want to focus on the gear you use the least and the instruments you don't enjoy so much.

If someone offers you a great price for a piece of your equipment, you may want to consider selling even if you want to keep it.  Why?

There's a possibility you can do something better with the money, like buy an equivalent replacement for less.  This would allow you to keep the leftover money as profits.

There are plenty of reasons to part with music gear, so in order for you to know when it's time to sell, you've got to examine your own.  Don't sell just to sell; sell for a purpose, whether that is creating space, giving a friend a discount, or simply getting some cash.