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Rolling Stone Lips

The Top 5 Band Logos of All Time

So you’ve started a rock band, you’ve mastered a few songs, you’ve got your...
Hot Girl Playing Drums

Playing The Drums – A Beginners Guide

If you are interested in playing the drums, it is fairly easy to start,...
DJ Gear

A DJ Controller is for Life, not just for Christmas

As part of my lucky job (editor of a digital DJ website), I get...
Ibanez Xiphos XPT707

Ibanez Xiphos XPT707 Review

Inspired by the classic, edgy look of the Jackson Warrior, the Ibanez Xiphos was...
Instruments For Kids

Musical Instruments For Kids – Why It’s Worth The Headache!

  Who hasn’t giggled over the idea of giving a young niece or nephew a...
Setting Up A Home Recording Studio

Tips For Setting Up A Recording Studio

Any kind of musician knows this basic truth : Idea's come without warning, at...
Musical Instrument Brands

Musical Instrument Brands : Which Is Best?

Musical instrument brands should not be ignored. At least, not if you want to...

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