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How To Start A Band

How to Start A Successful Band – Part 1

So you want to be a rock star, huh? 
You’ve been playing your instrument for…

Used Guitars

Buying A Used Guitar – 5 Tips

You Don’t Need To Pay The Earth…
When it comes to buying pre-owned musical instruments,…

Rockdex Graph

5 Essential Online Tools To Help You Promote Your Music

A boom in digital distribution and marketing in the past ten years has multiplied…

Learning Acoustic Guitar

Learning Guitar – The First Simple Steps

The guitar is a firm favourite when it comes to learning how to play…

Dude Giving Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

A new guitarist should think about both a commitment to a long learning process,…

Rickenbacker 360 Guitar

The History Of MTV’s “Unplugged”

Think ‘unplugged’ and the image that comes to mind is a band or artist…

Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing – An Introduction

The home studio can be a wonderful way to capture your self-expression without breaking…

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