Technics Piano

Technics Piano

Technics Digital PianoTechnics is the name to beat when it comes to digital pianos. The preset sound and the key touch are major factors that make it an ideal digital piano. Key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes, so it gives the feeling of playing the real conventional grand piano.

Among the well-known Technics digital piano models are the Technics sx-PR1000, Technics sx- PR903B/C, Technics sx-PR804/M, Technics sx-PR604/M and Technics sx-PR54, and many more.

The other sound of musical instruments that you will encounter with the Technics digital harpsichord, vibes, strings, vocal and organs. Truly Technics Digital Piano is the perfect choice for every keyboard aficionado.

TECHNICS SX P50 Keyboard Piano Swan Flight Case

US $194.12

Digital Piano TECHNICS SX PR 602 schwarz

US $2,115.18

Technics 88 key Hammer Touch sx p30 Digital Piano

US $580.45

TECHNICS Digital piano

US $446.50

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