Samick Bass Guitar – Musical Gear

Samick Bass Guitar

Samick guitars have earned their good reputation because of several decades of producing quality guitars and other korean musical instruments.They are in deed hard to beat. Samick guitars are designed by Greg Bennett which explains why the guitars are now also known as Greg Benett guitars.  Greg Bennett is an industry expert, and that’s an understatement. He paved the way for Samick guitars to have a thorough makeover, with the aim of improving the body quality and the sound quality .

Among the Bass guitars of are  Fairlane, Corsair  (modified Fender Precision Bass designs), Cobra Bass (modified Silvertone Apocalypse designs) , Royale Bass (semi-acoustic thinline bass designs), Tabu Bass, Elan Acoustic Bass, Regency Acoustic, and Remington Acoustic Bass.

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