Rode NT2A

Rode NT2A


Rode NT2A Condenser MicThe Rode NT2-A is a multi pattern condenser mic, with cardioid, figure of eight, and omni modes, as well as a high pass filter and a volume switch, for working with louder sources.

Features a high pass filter (bass cut), polar pattern and a pad switch. Bass cut is -40Hz, flat or -80Hz. Pad Switch is 0dB, -10dB or -5dB.

The frequency response of the mic, with no low-cut switches engaged, runs down to below 20Hz and extends to in excess of 20kHz, with a moderate presence rise above around 3kHz rolling off again above 15-16kHz.

The mic is also pretty sensitive, yielding -36dB (reference 1V/Pa), and the dynamic range is an incredible 140dB with a maximum output level before clipping of some +16dBu.

Check out a range of Rode NT2A Condenser Mic’s below.

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