Open Labs Keyboard Workstation – Musical Gear

Open Labs Keyboard Workstation

With Open Labs, it’s like having a full studio at your finger tips.

You are being empowered as a musician by being able to compose, record, mix, master, and distribute like a true professional. Open Labs offers a wide array of studio gear, either for home studio or professional studio and even for the ultimate powerhouse studio.

The NeKo XXL is the flag bearer of Open Labs, and it is virtually composed of all of the most important components of a professional studio merged together in flawless, consistent instrument that is the exemplary characterization of style and functionality. The NeKo XXL literally includes thousands of sound presets. With this gadget alone, you can already compose, record, mix, master and even distribute music.

For home studio, Open Labs offers more affordable gears like NeKo EX5, MiKo EC5, DBeat, and SoundSlate. Open Labs also has a more affordable line of professional audio production instruments like the NeKo LX5 and MiKo LXD.

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