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Mackie Onyx Audio Mixer

Mackie Onyx Audio Mixer


Mackie Onyx MixerThe Onyx 1220 is Mackie’s standard bearer when it comes to small-format mixers, and it took 2 years to be perfected.

Its aim is to bring premium analog sound, expanded features, and streaming FireWire connectivity to both recording and live sound environments.

Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers consist of the Onyx 1620i, 1220i, 820i, and 1640i. These brilliant recording mixers are backed up by decades of experience in designing pro audio gear, uniting the benefits of a powerful FireWire interface with the tactile, hands-on control of a premium analog mixer.

Onyx-i mixers also flaunt professional analog features like boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps, classic “British-style” Perkins EQ.

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