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Boss Pedals

Boss Guitar Pedals

Boss's solid pedal line-up started in 1977 with the classic OD-1 Overdrive. The Boss pedal...
Reverb Pedal

Reverb Guitar Pedal

Reverb Pedals simulate acoustic environments, using acoustic algorithms. By recreating echo's that decay over time,...
Distortion Pedal

Distortion Guitar Pedal

Distortion Pedals have almost single handedly created the Genre's of Rock, Hard Rock &;...
Wah Pedal

Wah Guitar Pedals

The Wah Pedal was accidentally created in 1966 after a circuit redesign for a...
Guitar Pedals

Multi Effects Guitar Pedal

Experience the power & versatility of a Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal. If you're a keen guitarist,...
Chorus Pedal

Chorus Guitar Pedal

A Chorus Pedal brings to the stage a bunch of imaginary guitars, all singing...
Phaser Pedal

Phaser Guitar Pedal

A Phaser Pedal Sounds like you're about to be Teleported to another world. It's a...

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