Gibson SG Guitar Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Gibson SG Guitar Celebrates 50th Anniversary


Gibson SG Guitar


A classic electric guitar, the Gibson SG, has turned 50 today.

Considered a rock and roll classic, the Gibson SG Series has been well known and sought after since it’s release way back in 1961.

Made popular by such artists as Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton & Robby Krieger (The Doors) , many people have falled in love with the double cutaway, smooth and slimlined mahogany body, & two Gibson humbucking pickups that gave it a clean, sharp, but meaty punch.

The Gibson SG was born from design experiments, involving a double cutaway modification of the Gibson Junior, Special & TV models. The modification was innovative, and guitarists the world over discovered new ways of playing simply because the Gibson SG offered accessibility to notes higher up on the neck from both top and bottom. The guitar helped shape the sound of Eric Clapton’s Cream Album, and contributed the the evolution of The Door’s revolutionary musical soundscapes.

The Les Paul name stayed on the original design until 1963 when the ‘Les Paul’ endorsement contract ended, and Gibson reclaimed it back. Interestingly, the SG Name comes from ‘Solid Guitar’, not ‘Satan’s Guitar’, as some people would believe from the guitars horny shape.

The SG’s shape slowly evolved though time, with technological additions such as a floating pickguard & optional tremelo in 1971, andactive pickups in 1981. Some of these design improvements only lasted for a short while, with Gibson back pedalling and releasing newer models with the previous design. However, some of the innovative changes have been re-released!

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