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Electric Acoustic Guitar

Electro Acoustic GuitarElectro-acoustic guitars present a mishmash of acoustic guitar tone, with a pick-up for linking to an amplification system. This is ideal if you are playing live or need to plug in to a P.A.  Electro acoustics is different from semi-acoustics. Electro-acoustic guitars are mainly acoustic guitars with a pick up, while semi-acoustics are mainly electric guitars with a vacant acoustic body.

There is a broad list of brands that offer electro-acoustic guitars.You can choose Fender, Ibanez, Westfield, Yamaha, Stagg, and many more.

Used Taylor 512CE Acoustic Electric Guitar 100 Perfect

US $2,353.86

Used Taylor 712CE Acoustic Electric Guitar 100Pristine

US $2,396.00

Used Taylor 110E Acoustic Electric GuitarHardShellCASE

US $689.00


US $135.77

Used Lefty Taylor 315CE JUMBO Acoustic Electric Guitar

US $1,499.61

Martin CEO 4R CEO4R CEO Acoustic Electric Guitar

US $2,090.00

Used Taylor GA8 ES Grand Aud Acoustic Electric Guitar

US $2,097.53

Used Taylor 714CE Acoustic Electric Guitar 100 Perfect

US $2,397.84

Eric Clapton 00028EC Acoustic ELECTRIC Martin Guitar

US $2,999.82

Barraza Bajo Sexto Latin Acoustic Electric Guitar

US $189.00

JBP JB Player Acoustic Tobacco Sunburst Electric Guitar

US $224.99

ECR3 N Electric Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar ECR3 N NEW

US $818.25

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