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By Dan K. | September 30th, 2009

Audio-Technica AT835b

The AT835b is another quality product from Audio Technica. This Line + Gradient Condenser microphone is 14.53″, and it’s good for ENG, outdoor recording and other specific uses. This mic is mainly designed for video production and broadcast (ENG/EFP) audio acquisition.

The AT835b  is good for both boom & handheld utilization. It has the narrow acceptance angle which is good for long-distance sound pickup. It also has brilliant sound rejection from the sides and rear of mic, plus switchable low-frequency roll-off. This mic can operate on battery or phantom power.

Shotgun Mic Windscreen Fur for Audio Technica AT835B

US $24.95

WindCutter fur mic windscreen for Audio Technica AT835B

US $37.95

Audio Technica Shotgun Microphone AT835b

US $125.00

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