Fender American Standard Telecaster – Musical Gear

Fender American Standard Telecaster

Fender’s tradition of excellence is once again made available in the series of  American Standard Telecaster Guitars. It’s amazing how Fender successfully merged modern technology with original components to keep the character of the celebrated guitar.

The development is comprised of the improved bridge, neck and body finish, and much more!

The remodeled plate shows a standard Fender stamp on chrome plated brass. Brass and steel are the ones responsible for the patented Tele sound. The great sound is not compromised in spite of these physical improvements. In fact, it now has a wider tonal range. Plus, the equally well-designed Fender SKB case adds more personality to the instrument.

At a glance, the Fender American Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar features are: Solid ash or alder body, meticulous nut work, nice texture of frets, staggered machine heads, rosewood or maple fretboard, Alnico V pickups, and more.

Feel free to select the item of your choice.

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