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Home tips

How to Know When It’s Time to Move On (From Your…

You have an old guitar lying around in your garage, and even though you’ve…

Bass Guitar

How to Pick a Bass Guitar that Suits Your Style

Choosing a bass guitar is like playing the guitar itself:  for some people, it…

Pearl Export EX

Pearl Export EX Drum Set – A Quick Review

There’s nothing that really quite creates the delicious smack, boom, and twang of a…

Home Studio

Five Ways to Tell if You’re Ready to Start Home Recording

For bands or solo artists that are just starting out, recording in a music…

Guitar Tab Sites

5 Killer Guitar Tab Sites

Given how easy it is to use the Internet these days, it won’t take…


How to Choose the Best Microphone for Your Needs

For many people, the science behind the microphone is simple:  talk into this funny-looking…

Choosing An Audio Interface

Choosing an Audio Interface That Doesn’t Screw Everything Up

If you’re serious enough about your audio equipment to require an audio interface, it…

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