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Musical Instruments For Beginners

The Best Musical instruments For Beginners

Not everyone is born with a harp on their arm, or a piano under…

History Of The Sitar

A Brief History of the Sitar in Modern Music

When you hear a sitar, you often make the association with the country of…

Choose a Musical Instrument

How to Choose a Musical Instrument You’ll Stick With

If you’re just starting out in the world of music and have done little…

Oldest Musical Instrument

What is the Oldest Musical Instrument?

The world wasn’t always all Korg Synthesizers and electric guitars – in fact, up…

Starting A Band

Starting A Band – What Instruments Do You Need?

Being honest, most garage bands start out when a small group of people pools…


What Exactly is a Synthesizer Anyway?

In looking for more musical instruments to add to your sound, there’s no doubt…

How to Find an Acoustic Guitar with a Great Live Sound

There’s something really pure about the sound of an acoustic guitar, understanding that the…

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