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Telecaster Guitars

Telecaster Guitars: Why You Want To Buy One

If you’ve been on a search for iconic guitars, you might find that it ends at Telecaster guitars – the models of Fender-made electric guitars that have been around since the 1940’s and 1950’s. Through a simple, solid-body design and a sharp electric sound, the Telecasters quickly put their mark on music through artists such as Buck Owens, Eric Clapton, and George Harrison, who played the Telecaster frequently on the Beatles’ “Let It Be” album.

Piano Teacher

Choosing A Piano Teacher : Three Important Requirements

The piano is one of the best musical instruments to take up.  It teaches you ambidexterity, chords, melodies, dynamics – just about every musical principle you can think of.  So if you’re thinking about taking up the piano, you’re doing good so far, simply by choosing a great instrument.  But what about the piano teacher?  Can you really expect to hire someone and have everything mesh together, or do you want to make sure there aren’t any

Music Lessons

Music Lessons vs. Self-Teaching an Instrument

>Learning music isn’t always easy – in fact, for some people, it’s kind of like learning another language.  That’s why so many people turn to music teachers in order to learn them.  After all, isn’t learning an instrument just like any other kind of learning, like taking French lessons?  The obvious debate that always seems to arise is whether or not you should teach yourself or take lessons. 

Portable Musical Instruments

Four of the Best Portable Musical Instruments

We live in the age of mobility:  we expect to have GPS maps of…

How to Find the Best Music Gear Outlets

When you want a certain musical…

Selling Musical Instruments

Selling Your Musical Instruments – Is It Time?

That old, withered drum set has been sitting in your garage for years now,…

Electronic VS Acoustic Drums

Electronic vs Acoustic Drums

Huh?  Electronic drums?  Don’t you mean "which is better – the electric or acoustic…

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