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Buying Musical Equpiment

Buying Musical Equipment – The Smart Way

For some people – such as as acoustic guitar owners – having equipment to…

Musical Solo's

Musical Solo’s – Which Instrument Is Best?

Throughout the history of music, there have been a number of solos.
Mozart, who perfected…

Music Lessons

Music Lessons – When Is The Right Time?

Although some parents would like to believe otherwise, not every child is born with…

Gibson SG Guitar

Gibson SG Guitar Celebrates 50th Anniversary

A classic electric guitar, the Gibson SG, has turned 50 today.
Considered a rock and…

Learning Acoustic Guitar

Learning The Acoustic Guitar – 4 Reasons That’s A Great Idea.

Whether or not you already know a musical instrument, you might be thinking about…

Learning Music Theory

Music Theory – Learning On The Acoustic Guitar

If you want to learn music theory, one of the best instruments to take…

Learning Musical Instruments

Learning Musical Instruments At Home?

Whether you live in an apartment or are young enough to still be with…

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