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Top Guitarists

Top Seven Guitarists Of All Time

In the 1960’s, the guitar was considered a new instrument that produced, as opposed…

Epiphone PR5-E

The Epiphone PR5-E Acoustic Electric Guitar

With one of the most recognizable and distinctive guitar shapes around, Epiphone’s PR5-e Acoustic/Electric…

Wah Pedal

Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Wah-Wah Pedal

For the uninitiated of those potential guitar heroes out there, a "wah-wah pedal" is…

Learning The Piano

Learning The Piano – A Simple Guide

Piano is the short term for pianoforte, a musical instrument invented by an Italian…

Learning The Guitar

Learning The Guitar – Valuable Beginner Tips

The guitar is one of the most fascinating musical instruments ever created by man.

Synthesizer Buying Guide

Synthesizer Buying Guide – Buying Your First Synth

Buying a synthesizer is often a far more complicated process than the one you’ll…

How to Record The Electric Guitar

How to Record The Electric Guitar

In many bands, the electric guitar is an integral instrument.
It can be used to…

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